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Captain Ray Arntz

One of the most experienced and dynamic commercial dive boat captains in southern California, Captain Ray is also an avid freediver, blue water hunter, and wreck diver with over 5,000 dives. He also holds a 100 ton master license.

20 years of experience in southern California have helped Ray find interesting dive sites with the best possible conditions. He is passionate for diving and enjoys working on shipwreck location and exploration when he’s not running charters. This has helped him create a database of over 7,000 dive sites.

Co-founder of California’s only U-boat wreck, the World War I German UB 88, Ray was able to supervise all diving operations surrounding the documentation of this wreck. Also, he coordinated search and dive operations for San Diego‚Äôs lost B-36 Peacemaker.

Additionally, Ray has worked on a variety of entertainment projects, including deploying special effect props aboard the SUNDIVER for an on-location film shoot of CSI: Miami and also supporting the development of training materials for PADI, a national scuba training agency.

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Captain Kyaa Heller

Our experienced captain is talented at providing fun and safe charters that fit your trip goals, and sincere about supporting your needs as a diver, dive instructor, photographer, selective hunter, researcher or ocean adventurer. Captain Kyaa holds a 100 ton USCG license and has accumulated more than 1,500 days at sea in southern California waters. As an active PADI Open Water Instructor, she understands your training needs and will support you and your students.

Captain Kyaa is extremely enthusiastic in her support of marine projects of all kinds here in southern California and deeply respects our unique and beautiful ecosystem.

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