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Dive anywhere in southern California. Really.

With over 7,000 underwater sites in our database, we can get you there.

Photo © Amanda Cotton

Visit southern California kelp forests

The reefs near Catalina Island are filled with abundant life. Amidst the kelp forests, you’ll find lobsters, sea lions, an a variety of fish.

World renowned SCUBA diving destinations

With visibility between 50 ft. and 100 ft., you can really appreciate our diverse fish and invertebrate life. Our waters are colder, so we recommend diving with a 6.5mm wetsuit or dry suit for best comfort.

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Kelp forests provide habitats for myriad sea creatures that photographers, wreck divers, ecologists, and spear fishermen appreciate. Our top dive sites, Catalina, San Clemente, Santa Barbara, and San Nicolas Islands show the best of our reefs and kelp forests. We also are home to great intact shipwrecks, the Olympic II, the Palawan, the USS Moody, and the Ace I.

All our dive sites are accessible from our landing in Long beach

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With too many dive sites to name, we’ve listed a few of our most popular sites.

Let us know your desired type of dive and preferred maximum depths so we can recommend the best sites for you.

Santa Monica Bay to Palos Verdes Peninsula

Star of Scotland
Owens Wreck
Sailboat Wreck
Long Wharf
American Boy
Southern Lights
Jenny Lynne
Santa Clara
Radio Tower

Los Angeles to Long Beach

Olympic II
The Caissons
USS Moody
Ace I
Georgia Straights
FS Loop
14 Minute Wreck
February 19th Wreck
Southwest Wreck
Centennial (Dipley’s)
Fog Wreck
East Fog Wreck
Chain Wreck
Monfalcone (Gambler)

Orange County

Sunset Wreck
Gary’s Barge
Elsie I
Barge Rock
HB Trawler
HB Barge
Margaret F.
P-38 Lightning
Izor’s Reef
Cleo Street Barge

San Diego

Ruby E
El Rey
NOSC Tower
Ingram Street Bridge
HMS Yukon
P-38 Lightning
F-4 Phantom
High Seas
USS Hogan
TBM Avenger
Lobster Wreck
Cape Charles
Deep Array
Polaris Tower

San Nicolas Island

Macassar Straights
USS Cabiildo

Catalina Island

Grumman Goose
Starlight Wreck
Blue Cavern Wreck
Charles F. Crocker
S.N. Castle
Dreamer II
Diosa Mar

San Clemente Island

John C. Butler
No Name Tug
White Eagle
Sportboat Wreck